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Case History: Dan Morris

A documented case of an Extend A Hand Grab Bar helping an independent senior stay independent
Extend A Hand Grab Bar

The Problem Independence Arrow Right Independence

Provide assistance for sitting down or getting up.

Added safety and stability.

Arrow Up The Problem
Dan Morris was having
difficulty with pushing
himself up off the commode.
There was a danger here for
a loss grip fall or shoulder

The Solution Arrow Right

    Extend A Hand made Dan's bathroom safer.

    Within reach and right where he needed the aid, in front of him.

The Solution
Reduce Risk to Falls

Extend A Hand is a better grab bar. Our product extends out off the wall and is closer to your reach. This grab bar also rewards a consumer with greater stability to maneuver. As these pictures show, pushing your self off the commode is risky. Extend A Hand mounts in front of you so that you can pull yourself. Pulling is safer.

Our 12" locking extension is most beneficial to the end-user. It lessens the distance between you and the wall. The picture to the right shows Dan reaching to the Extend A Hand. To reach a conventional grab bar Dan would have to stretch 12 inches futher. But with Extend A Hand's locking extension, he may not need to reach that far again!


  Grab Bar Lessen Chance of a Fall

Extend A Hand can lessen your chance of a fall and give you a sturdy grab bar closer to your reach.

Grab Bar Added Independence

Extend A Hand can reward you with safety and this added safety may allow you to remain independent.

Closer Reach

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