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Extend A Hand Grab Bar
Recommending Extend A Hand for Patient Use at Home:
By recommending Extend A Hand for patient use at home you are directing them to a product that is far more rewarding then any conventional grab bar. Extend A Hand assists a patient to hold their balance and reduce the risk of a fall. The Extend A Hand provides a therapist and patent a devise that promotes the patent to pull them self up and to rest back down on there own. This Allows the therapist to view all body movement within the task of mobility review. If you use Extend A Hand in the office or if you just recommend products to be used, Sarff Systems would like for Extend A Hand to become your preferred product.

With the Extend A Hand in use at your office the patient is supplied with a tool for adding security and stability during multiple therapy tests or exercise. Extend A Hand is more ergonomic in shape than a conventional grab bar. Extend A Hand folds down out of the way when not in use. By using Extend A Hand a patient may have no need of personal assistance. In recommending Extend A Hand to your patient or client, you are directing them to a product that is far more rewarding then any conventional grab bar.

  Extend A Hand Grab Bar

Extend A Hand Grab Bar
More rewarding than
conventional grab bars

Added Safety Beyond Conventional Grab Bars:
The conventional grab bar doesn't aid enough, 1 1/2" off the wall, hard to reach and usually out of reach. Extend A Hand offers a 12" extension off the wall that's easy to reach for the user. It also is a secure resting spot without distortion of the clients' posture or discomfort of wrist neck or back.

Ergonomic Feel:
This grab bar is in front of the user, something they can reach with both hands and leverage them self with. The conventional grab bar can be hard on wrists and cause the user to swoop or sway onto the commode.


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