Improved Mobility for an Independent Life 


Extend A Hand uses found throughout a home!

Bathroom assistance for getting in/out of the shower or assistance to get on/off the commode are a primary use. Any area of your home that has an 'at-risk' area for a fall, the Extend A Hand can lessen that risk. Anywhere you may need a grab bar to promote greater leverage and balance control, Extend A Hand can most likely assist you. Extend A Hand is a small ounce of prevention when compared to the possible accrued cost after a fall. Extend A Hand rewards you with added safety while lessening the chance of a fall.

Generate greater leverage and control!

Added Safety beyond the conventional grab bar: The conventional grab bar doesn't aid enough, 1 1/2" off the wall, hard to reach and usually out of reach. Extend A Hand offers a 12" extension off the wall that's easier to reach. It also is a secure resting spot without distortion of your posture or a discomfort to your wrist neck or back.

Ergonomic Feel:

This grab bar is in front of the user, something they can reach with both hands and leverage them self with. The conventional grab bar can be hard on wrists and cause the user to swoop or sway onto the commode.


The home consumer's benefit with added safety from a fall because Extend A Hand increases your leverage and balance control when used. Extend A Hands 12" locking extension makes it easier to reach then the conventional grab bar.

If you don't need the extension, it folds down out of the way leaving a grab bar or a towel bar. Extend A Hand is really two products in one. Falls in the home are a number one factor in causing people to face added costs in medical and/or therapy expenses. Falls in the home are also a reason for people to move into retirement/assisted living facilities. The use of Extend A Hand makes your home safer in those 'at-risk' areas. You may also find benefits using Extend A Hand at your hot tub, or in the RV, boat or summer home. Any 'at-risk' areas where you would like added safety, Extend A Hand most likely can be there for you.