Example Installations



Installation Instructions:

1. Extend A Hand is designed to mount directly to wall studs on 16" centers, or to previously installed wood backing.

2. Locate studs in wall and position Extend A Hand accordingly. Mark hole location or use template provided.

3. Pre-drill holes with 3/16" drill bit approximately 2" deep into wall making sure you have drilled into a stud.

4. Mount with 2 1/2" stainless screws provided.

Installation Figure 1
5. Insert end caps into U-shaped tube (they will only go in one direction and still allow the bolt to go in properly) bolt both ends into hole #2 (See figure 1) using 5/16" bolts and acorn nuts provided. Acorn nuts should be to the inside as shown in Figure 1 and 2.

6. Tighten nuts tight then back them off approximately one quarter turn for ease of movement.

7. Test several times to be sure that lock pins are entering lock hole #1 (See figure 1) and releasing fairly easily.

Note: The lock pin is designed to protrude out of both sides evenly and at the same time. This locking system takes a fair amount of pressure on pin #2 in order to release pin #1. (See figure 2). Do not use tape of any kind to hold one or both pins open. Doing so may cause injury.

Installation Figure 2

Failure to follow all instructions could result in injury. This product is not intended to be used in a bath or shower insert, or in a wall where there is no studding or back board. This product is not intended for use by children as a toy. Do not hang on, sit on, swing on or play on this device as serious injury could occur. This product is intended to be used as an assistance device only. Sarff Systems is not responsible for improper installations. Sarff Systems recommends professional bonded installers ONLY!

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