Extend A Hand is truly an assistance device!

Use Extend A Hand in the bathroom to give aid to residents getting in/out of the shower or on/off the commode. Extend A Hand bedroom use can aid a resident on/off the bed or it could be mounted as to assist the resident to sit up.

If used in a designated walkway, capable residents can have Extend A Hand there to assist in balance control promoting a short walking exercise (custom sizes are available). Extend A Hand can be mounted to aid residents that use a wheel chair.

Extend A Hand promotes body strength but most importantly, Extend A Hand reduces risk of falls in 'at-risk' areas.

Extend A Hand promotes stability and safety for the end user wherever Extend A Hand may be mounted. Extend A Hand lessens the chance of falls and the possible loss of a resident due to a fall. In retaining a resident only one additional month, Extend A Hand has paid for it's self, and given more.

Imagine if all your rooms were equipped with Extend A Hand. Extend A Hand locks outward from the wall 12" when engaged, and this makes it closer and easier to reach. If not needed it folds down out of the way.

Extend A Hand can benefit with a possible renewed dignity for the end user. Extend A Hand also benefits your staff with a lessened chance of lower back and shoulder strains that may generate an L&I claim. Extend A Hand lessens the chance of a fall to your resident but also gives added safety for your staff.

Added Safety Beyond Conventional Grab Bars:

The conventional grab bar doesn't aid enough, 1 1/2" off the wall, hard to reach and usually out of reach. Extend A Hand offers a 12" extension off the wall that's easy to reach for the user. It also is a secure resting spot without distortion of the clients' posture or discomfort of wrist neck or back.

Added Independence to Clients:

Extend A Hand will allow your resident to be more independent of your staff.

Renewed Dignity:

With added independence for your resident, renewed dignity is achieved because shared visits to the bathroom may be eliminated.

Lower Chances of L&I Claims for Back and Shoulder Injuries by Your Staff Members:

The average claim for back injuries costs $30,000. You loose the staff member and you are also tasked with shuffling current staff or you may have to hire a new staff member. All in all your cost and added stress is large. Extend A Hand will lessen the chance of your staff members from over exerting them self in aiding the resident.

Worker's Independence:

Now that your resident has more independence, your staff can get more tasks completed.

Keeps Your Rooms Occupied:

This product can allow you to retain your resident longer, if it's only one month longer you still benefit. Empty rooms mean lost revenue and Extend A Hand helps you help the resident stay safer and longer.

Recapture Cost:

Extend A Hand will become State approved, until then you can benefit from an allowable expense at the maintenance level, but, keeping a room occupied makes your return greater and faster.

Ergonomic Feel:

This grab bar is in front of the user, something they can reach with both hands and leverage them self with. The conventional grab bar can be hard on wrists and cause the user to swoop or sway onto the commode.